Trevor LeBlanc

Trevor LeBlanc

Army Wives character

Drew Fuller as SGT Trevor LeBlanc

First appearance
“A Tribe is Born”
(episode 1.01)

Last appearance
“From the Ashes”
(episode 7.02)

Created by
Katherine Fugate

Portrayed by
Drew Fuller


Trev, LeBlanc


Sergeant/Second Lieutenant
(United States Army)

Unnamed Father
(in prison)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Mother
(Adopted Trevor)
Unnamed Father
(Adopted Trevor)

Roxanne “Roxy” LeBlanc
(wife; née Brooks)

Toby Jack “T.J.” LeBlanc
(son, with Roxy; adopted)
Finn LeBlanc
(son, with Roxy; adopted)
Unnamed child
(miscarriage, with Roxy)
Wyatt LeBlanc
(son, with Roxy; twin)
Drew LeBlanc
(son, with Roxy; twin)

Tacoma, Washington


Second Lieutenant

23rd Airborne Division (S1-5)
32nd Airborne Division (S6)
2nd Ranger Battalion (S6- )

Second Lieutenant Trevor LeBlanc is a fictional character on the Lifetime television series Army Wives, portrayed by Drew Fuller. Trevor is married to former Alabama bartender Roxy LeBlanc. Together, they have two children, Finn and T.J., whom Trevor legally adopted as his own. Roxy becomes pregnant with the couple’s first child in Season 3, but miscarries in season 4. In season six, the couple learns they’re having twins.


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Trevor’s biological mother died when he was three[1] and his alcoholic biological father left him with social workers days later and is currently serving life for murder. By his own statement, he has not seen his biological father since he was in elementary school.[2] He was in and out of foster homes until age seven when he was adopted.[1] Little is revealed about his background in between then and up to his marriage to Roxy, although there is a brief mention of him having family in Georgia. A skilled handyman, he was an apprentice carpenter in high school and has occasionally helped the other wives and Roland fix their cars[3] and assemble furniture amongst other things.[4]
When the show premiered Trevor was a Private First Class. He asks Roxy to marry him, the two having met just four days prior.[5] In the pilot episode he was notified by then-MAJ Frank Sherwood of his acceptance into Jump School and becomes a qualified paratrooper.[6] At the end of Season 1 Trevor is deployed to Iraq