ATI Tray Tools

ATI Tray Tools

Ray Adams

Stable release / April 22, 2010; 6 years ago (2010-04-22)

Preview release / October 31, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-10-31)

Operating system
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7




ATI Tray Tools (ATT) is a freeware program developed by Ray Adams for ATI Radeon video cards.
ATI Tray Tools is an advanced tweaker-application that resides in the notification area of the Windows taskbar and allows instant access to video options and settings via a right-click menu. It is normally used as an alternative to the more bulky official Catalyst Control Center (CCC), but it can also run in tandem with it.


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Main features of ATI Tray Tools[edit]

The ability to change the resolution, colors, rotation, and extended desktop settings directly from ATT’s right-click menu.
Changing of OpenGL/Direct3D settings (antialiasing or anisotropic filtering, for example) separate from one another.
Game profiles, a feature allowing specific OpenGL/Direct3D settings for each game or 3d application.
Over/UnderClocking of GPU and Memory of video boards
Hotkey mapping
The taking of screenshots
Hardware monitoring
OnScreen Display: When an OpenGL/Direct3D application running, the FPS, 3D API type, GPU Activity, and related information are overlaid on top of the rendering stream on a corner of the screen.
CrossFire support
Support of nearly 20 languages
Support for plugins created for ATI Tray Tools

Supported operating systems[edit]
ATI Tray Tools supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Most builds of Windows Codename: Longhorn
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008
Windows 7

Versions history[edit]

1.0 (February 3, 2004) – initial release (February 5, 2004) – first update (February 6, 2004) (February 8, 2004) (February 9, 2004) (February 2, 2005) (February 25, 2005) (February 27, 2005) (March 16, 2005) (April 17, 2005) (April 24, 2005) (May 1, 2005) (May 12, 2005) (May 17, 2005) (June 10, 2005) (June 18, 2005) (August 18, 2005) (Septemb